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Get the most out of your freelancing, online or retail business

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Low-cost wire transfers

IBANs in multiple currencies

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Payments in a simple and transparent way

  • Free accounts and multiple Business VISA cards

  • 10 currencies with up to three IBANs each

  • SWIFT and mass payments at competitive rates

  • 24/7 access to 100% of your funds

No minimum balance or turnover requirements

Save on complicated paperwork and long enroll process.

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Instant and reliable payroll at low costs

Make quick and instant salary payments, which are settled on the payday. Reduce operational risk and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

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Mass payments

Make mass payments to an unlimited number of affiliates, suppliers, and partners from around the globe. Once compiled, your suppliers list can be utilised for future use, saving you time, effort and money.

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Security that never sleeps

All user operations are secured with two-factor authentication and the access to the mobile app is protected by a passcode or fingerprint login.

LeoPay is PCI-DSS certified since 2013 and has a dedicated processing centre overseeing all transactions for suspicious activities 24/7.

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