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Save on pay-outs to international staff with LeoPay

Reduce bank transfer costs, cut-down settlement times and simplify payroll, all through one convenient platform.

Cut-down on transfer fees

Say goodbye to expensive international transfers and bring salary pay-out costs to an absolute minimum.

Reduce settlement time

All payrolls are executed in a matter of seconds. Your employees get paid even on weekends or international holidays.

Tailor-made for your business

Each payroll program is fully customisable to meet your company’s unique needs and specific requirements in terms of staff size, location, and how they access their funds.

Deliver more to your staff

With LeoPay, your employees get paid instantly and can benefit from an additional payment card for their loved ones with 24/7 access to their money via the online platform or the mobile app.

LeoPay Payroll is the preferred choice by:

Cruise liner & Freight agencies

Shared Services Centers

Multinational companies

How it works?

Payroll program for businesses of all sizes

A custom Payroll program is created for your company

LeoPay accounts are opened for your company

LeoPay accounts are opened for your company and employees

LeoPay Prepaid cards for your employees

LeoPay Prepaid cards are issued and delivered to your employees

Payroll is executed with mass transfers

Salaries are instantly transferred on paydays

Case study

River Advice AG advanced payroll solution with LeoPay

“LeoPay offered us an efficient and cost-competitive solution to tackle our payroll challenges. It has also added extra value to the way our staff manage their personal finances through flexible online payment options and 24/7 access — online and from the mobile app.”

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