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The creators of LeoPay give you a unique personal money account with 8 additional features, intuitive mobile app for contactless payments and user-friendly online platform.

Better Payment

At LeoPay and iCard, we are constantly delivering new and enhanced features to make your everyday payments easy and cost effective. To give you the best digital experience, we are now welcoming you to iCard - our next generation mobile and online account that is packed with lots of awesome and intuitive features.

To open an account in iCard, fill in your mobile number below and follow the link we are going to send you by SMS.

The Basic Features

What LeoPay was about to give you now has even
better terms in iCard.

  • Opening an account from your home
  • Free iCard Visa debit card delivered free or express
  • Intuitive mobile app experience
  • Web app interface (live in December ‘19)
  • Free & Instant transfers to/from iCard users
  • SEPA and SWIFT international bank transfers
  • Free IBAN accounts in 7 currencies with FREE incoming bank transfers
  • Top-up mobile minutes & megabytes in over 170 countries

7 New Features
in iCard

Get practical and save space in your wallet. These can make your day go smoother and payments go faster - all while enjoying an unprecedented level of security that a licensed e-money institution can offer.

Mobile Payments

Enjoy your NFC-enabled Android for speed of payments, added security and the curiosity effect (Apple Pay coming shortly)

2 Free Virtual Cards

Everyone gets 1 free virtual Visa and 1 free virtual Mastercard to pay for anything online - securely

NFC Wearables

They perfectly complement your dynamic lifestyle with more freedom and a cool way to pay contactless


You have 2 new options for any gifting occasion - virtual and plastic gift cards that thoughtfully surprise with creative designs

iCard Messenger

We connect friends and families in an encrypted chat where money is requested and exchanged immediately

QR code payments

They work face-to-face and no phone numbers are exchanged during this type of modern, instant and free payment

Discount & Loyalty Cards

Store digital copies of your barcode cards and never miss a chance to collect points, rewards and discounts at your favorite retailers

Excellent Rated

Download iCard to open an account.

0.00 EUR/month

  • 330,000 digital wallet downloads
  • 200,000 accounts opened
  • 500,000 virtual cards issued

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