Fees and Limits

Where can I see the fees and limits of my LeoPay account?

You can see the fees and limits of your account directly from your dashboard:

  • LeoPay Web Platform - The fees for LeoPay services are displayed in the footer of every page in your LeoPay account.
  • LeoPay Mobile App - Log in to your LeoPay account and go to “Menu” → “About” → “Fees”.


For security reasons we limit functionality for non-verified users. In order to be able to see your standard fees and limits for the LeoPay account, we first have to verify your identity.

Are there any transaction fees and limits for my LeoPay card?

It is free to use LeoPay at any POS terminal around the world. It is free of charge to shop online with LeoPay. Certain fees apply when performing ATM withdrawals and bank transfers.

To review LeoPay’s fee and limits structure, please log in to your LeoPay account and go to the “Fees” section.

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