Business account

Can I apply for a business account if I already have a personal LeoPay account?

Yes, you can. If you already have a personal LeoPay account and you wish to create a connected business account, simply start the sign-up process by pressing the "GET STARTED" button on the Home page, select the country where your business operates, click “CREATE ACCOUNT” and select your business type. On the next page, select “I already have a registration in LeoPay”, enter you existing login credentials (email, mobile number and password) and fill the rest of the information. Once your registration and verification are complete, both your accounts will be linked.

Where can I see the fees and the limits for my LeoPay business account?

Setting up a business account with LeoPay completely free – there are no minimum monthly requirements, no activation fees or maintenance costs. Our pricing is very transparent and you can see all the fees and limits of your account directly from your dashboard. Here is how:

  • LeoPay Web Platform - Log into your LeoPay business account - the fees are displayed in the footer of every page.
  • LeoPay Mobile App - Log into your LeoPay business account and go to “Menu” → ”About” → ”Fees”.


We impose certain restrictions and limits on non-verified users. In order to be able to see your standard fees and limits for the LeoPay account, we first have to verify your identity.

Can I hold multiple currencies?

Yes, LeoPay allows you to open multiple free accounts directly from your dashboard in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, HRK, BGN, JPY, RON, PLN, CZK and ISK. Here is how.

How many currency accounts can I have?

You can open up to 3 free currency accounts with dedicated IBANs for each of the 10 currencies supported by our platform. In case you already have 3 accounts in the same currency and you want more, you can contact our customer support center at / 0044 20 3129 0935

How many cards can I order with my LeoPay Business account?

With your LeoPay Business account you can get up to 50 physical cards. In case you would like to order more cards or submit the application in other way, please contact our Customer Support at or 0044 20 3129 0935.

May I use LeoPay Statements for accounting purposes?

Yes, the platform provides statements generated on monthly reporting periods and can be downloaded as PDF or XLS files. LeoPay Business account statements contain detailed information about all executed operations (accounting details such as value date, type of operation, description, debit, credit).

Can I get a stamped bank statement and how?

Yes, you can. If you need a stamped statement, contact our Customer Support at and tell us what period of time for which currency account you want to be included in the statement. Please note that there is a small fee of 5 EUR for each month that will be included in the stamped statement. Once we receive your request on our email, we will generate the statement and we’ll send the document back with attached PDF file. In other case if you need it on a paper, we will send it to you via post services with or via courier.

Please note that the postal services are free of charge. If you choose delivery by courier, there is а small charge.

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