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How many cards can I get with my LeoPay account?

If you are a personal client, you can get up to 5 physical LeoPay cards issued for your LeoPay account. The first two cards are free of charge and each additional card will be charged as outlined in the Fees and Limits. You can choose the embossed name on the card.

Business clients can order more than 5 physical cards, but would first have to contact our Help Desk to discuss the various options.

In what currency can my LeoPay card be issued in?

When you order the card, you can choose which of the following currencies the card should be issued in: EUR, GBP, USD, BGN, HRK, CZK, CHF, RON and ISK.

I lost my LeoPay card, what should I do?

If you have lost your card, you should instantly block it from your LeoPay account via the Mobile app, or via the web platform. Here is how:

  • LeoPay Web Platform - Log into your LeoPay account and go to “Cards” → ”Status", select the card and press “Block”. If you are using our recently updated Web Platform, go to “Cards” → ”LeoPay Cards", press “Lock card”.
  • LeoPay Mobile App - Log into your LeoPay account, go to “Cards", select the card and press “Block”.

You can easily unblock a locked card, at any time, by following the same steps.

After you already blocked your card, please call us on 0044 20 3129 0935 so we can mark the card as stolen. - we are available 24/7.

My card is about to expire, what do I do?

One month before the expiry date of your card you will receive notification, that we are currently of replacing your card In that same notification you have the option to choose your delivery address and we will ship the card to you completely free of cost. This is especially useful for people who have a current address different to the one stated in their LeoPay account.


Please, keep in mind, once you receive your new card, don’t forget to activate it on LeoPay Web Platform or via the Mobile app.

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Write our support officers at or call 0044 20 3129 0935