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What type is the LeoPay card?

VISA Debit.

Where can I use the LeoPay card?

The LeoPay VISA and the LeoPay MasterCards are widely accepted in shops and ATMs worldwide, as well as in online shops at all VISA and MasterCard locations. Here are just a few examples on how you can use the LeoPay card:

  • Online payments for your everyday needs;
  • Payments at Merchants – accepted by 20 million merchants all over the world;
  • Withdrawals worldwide, anywhere VISA and MasterCards are accepted;

How can I get a LeoPay card?

You can order a LeoPay card online directly from the LeoPay web platform or from the LeoPay mobile app, immediately after your ID verification process has been completed successfully. Simply log into your LeoPay account and follow the instructions. Please note that If you need your card in a hurry, you can choose express delivery by courier services to get your card really fast!

Can I have more than one card for my LeoPay account?

With your LeoPay account you can order 2 x VISA Debit cards free of charge. If you are a personal client, you can get up to 5 physical cards. Each card can be linked to a different currency account, can be issued in different currency and you can choose the embossed name on the card. If you are a business client, you can get up to 10 physical cards.

In what currency can my LeoPay card be issued in?

At the moment, LeoPay Cards can be issued in one of the following currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, BGN, HRK, CZK, CHF, RON and ISK. We are working on offering you more currency options for LeoPay cards.

How long will it take for the LeoPay card to arrive?

For your convenience, we offer two card delivery methods – free standard delivery by post and paid express delivery by courier services. The card delivery time depends on the delivery service you have selected, when ordering the card, as well as the delivery location. Here is a rough guide on the delivery time frame for both options:

Express Delivery by Courier

EU 3-7 business days

NON EU 5-14 business days

Free Delivery by Post

EU up to 20 business days

NON EU up to 30 business days

For non-EU countries we advise our customers to use the Express Delivery by Courier option for faster and guaranteed delivery.

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