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What is the LeoPay Payroll program?

The LeoPay Payroll is a cost-saving custom payroll payment solution, which allows your business to make quick and instant automated salary payments at a fraction of the cost. Companies using our custom payroll payment program benefit from simplified payout administration, minimized risk of human error, low settlement times and reduced transfer costs. Their employees, on the other hand benefit from all the functionalities our platform has to offer - free international digital currency account with dedicated IBAN, 2x Free VISA cards with no fees for POS and online payments, 24/7 access to all their accounts and funds, as well as dedicated support – all in real time via our web platform and the mobile app.

How does the LeoPay Payroll program work?

Each payroll program is fully customizable to meet your company’s unique needs and specific requirements in terms of staff size, location, and how employees access their funds. Here is how our payment program works:

  1. A custom Payroll program is created for your company, based on your individual requirements and business needs;
  2. FREE LeoPay accounts are opened for your company and employees;
  3. FREE LeoPay VISA prepaid/debit cards are issued and delivered to all your employees;
  4. Salaries are instantly transferred on paydays through our platform via Mass Payments;

What type of businesses can apply for the payroll program?

Any company can apply for our payroll program. However, companies with internationally-based staff benefit the most. Our payroll program can reduce money transfer costs up to 97% compared to conventional banking alternatives.

Are there minimum requirements for the LeoPay payroll program?

Yes, your business has to have over 5 employees in order to be able to enroll in our program.

How much does the payroll program cost?

For every company we prepare an individual offer, which depends on the specific needs of the business. To get an accurate quote for your company, please contact our Sales and Partnership Department.

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