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Open a LeoPay account with a dedicated IBAN and no monthly fees. This allows you to send and receive money to both domestic and international banks, while saving on currency exchange fees.

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A Multi-Currency Solution

Dedicated IBANs in 10 major currencies enable you to accept and send transfers freely, across a wide variety of countries. We support EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, RON, HRK, JPY, BGN, PLN, CZK, and the number is constantly growing.

What can you do with multiple IBANs?

  • Receive a non-residential bank account in Europe
  • Receive salary payments in all supported currencies
  • Make SEPA payments to EU countries for as little as 3 EUR
  • Pay for rent and utility costs via SEPA Direct Debit
  • Get free IBAN certificates to present for employment, rental contracts or other legal agreements

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