Share the joy of shopping...

…with VISA Twin cards

Get two free VISA cards with your LeoPay account. Order them in different currencies or share with your loved one to make payments twice as convenient.

The LeoPay Twin cards have no service fees and are fully manageable from the mobile app.

LeoPay Card is a prepaid Mastercard you can use

Shop online with confidence and make contactless payments worldwide without any transaction charges.

Get your stylish vertically designed cards today with complimentary shipping.

Two is better than one

  • Share a common budget with your better half
  • Split the grocery list and shop at different locations
  • Provide daily, weekly, or monthly allowances for each card
  • Have the Twin cards in different currencies
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Card locking

Spending limits


Set your own security layers

LeoPay card security iconCard locking

Lock your cards or turn POS, ATM or online transactions on and off.

LeoPay spending limits iconSpending limits

Set the maximum amount for a single transaction or define daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits for each card

LeoPay notifications iconNotifications

Get updated with every transaction with SMS, push, or email notifications

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